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    Armed conflicts, forced displacements of populations, epidemics, deadly early childhood diseases, emerging illnesses: in response to these new and growing humanitarian challenges, ALIMA offers high-quality medical care to vulnerable people.

    “Each year worldwide, millions of children die from preventable diseases. This is what motivates us to treat and save as many people as possible.”

    Dr Susan Shepherd, Medical Specialist for ALIMA


    Humanitarian crises disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations for a number of reasons:

    • They may live in countries that are specifically exposed to risks;
    • They may not have access to essential care, either because it’s not available or it’s too expensive;
    • Some medical crises result directly from a lack of money and a shortage of operational health staff to provide the care that’s needed.

    There have been many global efforts to provide healthcare to the world’s most vulnerable people, but one in every 10 children in sub-Saharan Africa still dies before the age of five. At ALIMA we believe this situation is unacceptable.

    That’s why we’ve developed our innovative approach to delivering medical aid to the people who need it most.

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