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    “Today we have amassed one hundred years’ experience in humanitarian aid. The contexts are evolving and with them the needs of the populations. Operational research is paramount for finding solutions to increasingly complex health problems”. Dr Moumouni Kinda, ALIMA programme officer

    ALIMA brings together stakeholders committed to serving the health of the most vulnerable. Together they are inventing a new kind of emergency humanitarian medicine for the 21st century.

    ALIMA develops innovative approaches designed to fill the gap between medical needs in crisis situations and the responses of the humanitarian aid system. This approach is based on four principles: proximity, alliance, quality, and research.


    ALIMA’s programmes are managed in a decentralised manner. Each crisis is unique, and the response must be adapted to the context. This is reflected in ALIMA’s approach. Decisions are made in tandem with local partners at ground level, and ALIMA’s operational headquarters are in Dakar, Senegal, closer to the field.


    Working together makes us stronger, more effective, more efficient. Operational teams in the field have developed programmes for meeting the needs they face, and their project management skills are strong, but their efforts are constrained by a lack of funding, medical expertise, logistical capacity, and the means for doing research. ALIMA believes that by working as a network of partner organisations, we can reinforce the strong impact and, potentially, make it sustainable.


    Constantly improving the quality of care through sustained investment in research. ALIMA believes that by making operational research a key element of its activities, it can advance and improve humanitarian medicine.


    Meeting humanitarian challenges with new ideas and low-cost solutions designed for patients. Research priorities are determined by operational challenges. Implementation in the field benefit from the high-level medical expertise of a global partnership. ALIMA was created to promote innovation. Our objective is to bring to bring the highest level technical skills, new ideas, and compassion to each and every research project.

    This approach based on proximity, partnership, quality requirement, and innovation contributes to strengthening the impact of our actions in the service of the most vulnerable.

    Our approach - Alima