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    ALIMA is an independent medical humanitarian organization. ALIMA’s mission is to save as many lives as possible by providing the best medical care to vulnerable communities.

    Central to ALIMA’s mode of operations is partnering with national medical organizations in the countries where we work. The organization provides efficient solutions to health problems by promoting innovative interventions and carrying out research to improve the delivery of care.

    Since its creation in 2009, ALIMA creates links and synergies between actors engaged in providing health to vulnerable communities to improve the humanitarian medical response capacity


    You are interested in ALIMA, you are already participating in ALIMA’s projects or you would like to contribute to the future development of the association, join us as a member of ALIMA association!

    Being a member of ALIMA association offers you the opportunity to contribute to ALIMA’s future and longterm vision, stay informed of key decisions, and elect the members of the Board of Directors that validates the strategic objectives of our NGO.

    One of our wishes is to further strengthen our association, build ALIMA up as a space for exchange where our strengths are brought together and where we can all grow together while holding on to our identity and our ideals. We are counting on your support !


    Send the completed membership application along with your contribution check to the following address:

    ALIMA – 39 rue de Romainville – 93100 Montreuil

    Credit Card

    Visit our website at and click on the heading “Support us”, make a donation of the amount of your contribution and send the completed membership application to :

    Salary deduction

    If you’re employed by ALIMA, send an email request at asking for your contribution to be deducted from your next salary, with the completed application form attached.


    Make a payment to the Reporting Officer in our intervention countries or the Association Team at our main office in Dakar.